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Debit Finance

With thousands of satisfied clients throughout the UK, DFC is expert at tailoring bespoke programmes that meet specific requirements – so you get a direct debit system that works smoothly and efficiently with you and your team. Our Fully Managed Service efficiently collects direct debit payments from customers using traditional paper-based methods or through their online direct debit portal, FASTDD, either using your own Service User Number (SUN), using DFC’s BACS Bureau service or their Service User Number (SUN). There is a UK based customer helpline to support customers and answer any queries concerning their direct debit payments. So support is never far away. Other services include FASTDD Platinum, the super-efficient way for customers to make secure, paperless direct debit payments via your business website. You can even stay up-to-speed around the clock with our innovative 24-hour data retrieval system, which can be fully integrated with your chosen CRM solution. Now you can track all your customers’ DD payments, securing all the information you need to effectively manage your business administration. We can supply extensive testimonials from happy clients and many successful case studies. To find out more contact us:

Twitter: @debitfinance

Tel: 01908 422000

Email: sales@debitfinance.co.uk

URL: http://www.debitfinance.co.uk

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