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"MIE Medical Research is proud to present FitQuest, a state of the art concept in fitness measurement and tracking. FitQuest can be used by gym goers to assess their own progress, PTs to monitor client achievement and operators to improve member engagement. FitQuest brings full biomechanical lab technology to the gym or corporate wellness centre. Using tests developed and recognised by sports scientists, with a comparative database of over 42,000 individuals, FitQuest provides the first self-administered, scientifically robust fitness measurement.

FitQuest measures human performance over eight parameters: upper body strength, upper body endurance, cardiovascular fitness, lower body strength, lower body endurance, speed ability, explosive power and balance (motor sensory control). It combines these to provide an overall fitness assessment for the individual user.

Our research programmes and product development continue to drive measurement solutions forward for the fitness industry and our data driven analytics bring new insights to our customers, more success to our users and improved engagement for our partners."

Contact: FitQuest

Tel: 0207 518 7323

Email: infowo@miefitquest.com

URL: https://www.miefitquest.com/

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