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Harlands Group

Harlands Group
Flexible direct debit collection, administration and finance.

Managing memberships and admin can be time and resource intensive taking your staff away from what they do best – engaging with customers. Compromising customer experience in the age of customer-centricity can be fatal to any business.

There is a better way.

Outsourcing membership management to specialists who empower you with professional support, intelligent insight and smart technology means you optimise your processes and utilise your staff where they are most effective - providing quality brand experience.

Harlands work with over 2,000 UK sites to deliver membership payment management services - processing over 2 million memberships per month. Through extensive work with leisure trusts, management operators and university gyms, Harlands offer simple, effective solutions that deliver improved income, decreased defaulters and increased sales, while allowing staff to focus on engaging with members.

Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) were looking for a robust membership management solution that would give them an improved service.

In 12 months, Harlands delivered a significant uplift in revenue by increasing recovered member arrears and reduced defaulters by nearly 50 per cent.

"Harlands has helped us to deliver a smoother joiner journey and we’ve seen a big increase in our web sales which now stands at an impressive 25 per cent," says Rachel Rinkcavage, corporate sales manager.
"The amount that we have been able to recover has allowed us to continue our reinvestment back into the facilities for the benefit of our customers," she added.

To see how working with Harlands could benefit you, please contact us on 01444 449 157, email us at sales@harlandsgroup.co.uk or go to www.harlandsgroup.eu

Contact: 01444 449157

Email: sales@harlandsgroup.co.uk

URL: https://www.harlandsgroup.eu/?utm_source=workout&utm_medium=directory&utm_campaign=a_to_z&utm_content=directory

Line 1: 2nd Floor Rockwood House

Line 2: 9-17 Perrymount Road

City: Haywards Heath

Postcode: RH16 3TW

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