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PT app reveals new feature

PERSONAL training app FizzUp has revealed its smart dashboard feature, which brings tailored workout suggestions to users based on their individual energy levels, enthusiasm and ability.
With FizzUp’s new interface, the digital personal trainer will respond by suggesting suitable workouts to ensure users receive the motivation they need to make progress.
The smart dashboard brings three new elements to the FizzUp experience; 24/7 guidance, one intuitive home screen for all and visual progress.
Founder Julien Lavault said: “The most common hurdle in fitness is motivation – particularly if you are just starting a programme or have been stuck in the same workout routine for some time.
“We can now prompt and encourage our users to work out at their own pace to a tailored plan, but without making them feeling like they have failed if they aren’t up to exercise. Removing the feeling of failure eliminates the self-fulfilling cycle that many people easily fall into and then give up.”

Go backPosted on 5th April 2018