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Fitspiration is leading to risk of exercise addiction

A NEW study by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire has identified the emergence of exercise addiction and resulting physical and mental-health issues amongst vulnerable gym-goers.
The research studied 1,711 gym users in the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary and concluded that societal pressure for the perfect body, often from social media, is leading to the emergence of a new condition of exercise addiction.
Dr Ornella Corazza, reader in substance addictions and behaviours at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “The millions of selfies and ‘fitspiration’ images posted and shared on social media every day are promoting a drive for the perfect body.
“However, this unrealistic representation of fitness is doing more harm than good, and the pressure to look perfect is affecting people’s mental wellbeing.
“The increase in appearance anxiety may lead people to adopt unhealthy and risky strategies to reach their fitness and appearance goals, no matter what the costs.”

Go backPosted on 5th June 2019