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How a Hack Squat Machine can improve your fitness

When you are just getting started in the fitness world, it can be very overwhelming deciding on which exercises to perform and what equipment to use.
Even experienced gymgoers can have difficulty deciding on the best options to choose for each muscle groups.
One exercise you might have heard of is the hack squat. A hack squat can be compared to a leg press workout, but there are several advantages and disadvantages that sets it apart.
A hack squat machine is used to target specific lower body muscles. This includes strengthening the quadricep muscles on the front of the thigh as well as the gluteus maximus.
How you position yourself on a hack squat machine determines the type of muscles that are worked. For instance, you can target the gluteus maximus by placing the feet closer to the back of the machine’s foot plate and the front for the quadricep muscles.
You will often find a hack squat machine at many commercial gyms. These machines are usually angled at a certain angle to provide the user with ultra-smooth movement.
Compared to a barbell squat, a hack squat allows you to load much more weight. It also focusses solely on the lower body muscles and as we mentioned above, there’s also the benefit of changing your exercise purpose simply by adjusting the positions of your feet.
Due to their strong level of stability and safety, a hack squat machine is a fantastic exercise equipment for someone returning from injury or a newcomer looking to build their lower strength.
The process of performing a hack squat workout begins, like every exercise, with suitable warm ups to prevent unnecessary strain and injury.
These warm up exercises may include body weight squats and lunges to get your hips and legs warmed up and ready for a hack squat workout.
When ready, you place your back against the machine’s back rest and ensure that the shoulders are in the correct position under the padded shoulder rests.
The feet should be placed on the foot plate in a position that aligns with the muscle groups you intend to work.
To perform the workout, lower your hips and bend your knees, then return to the starting position and repeat the process.
Are you interested in purchasing a high end commercial Hack Squat Machine? PowerGym Fitness are a provider of some of the best equipment in the fitness sector.
Their equipment, including the Hack Squat Machine, is perfect for gyms, fitness centres and home setups. The PowerGym Hack Squat features a 38-degree angle to prevent overloading on the knee joins while still ensuring that the glutes and quads benefit from an intense workout.

Go backPosted on 4th November 2019