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The Wattbike Icon has landed

THE future of indoor cycling has landed with the anticipated first installs of the new Wattbike Icon taking place at Third Space London.
Created as an evolution of the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, the pioneer of performance indoor cycling, the Wattbike Icon elevates the user experience and includes the all new performance touchscreen which delivers advanced performance feedback on a high definition display.
Chris Stanton, Wattbike Master Trainer at Third Space London, comments: “The explosion of accurate data and instant feedback has taken indoor cycling in exciting new directions. What used to be more music and movement based, has evolved into an indoor cycling experience that harnesses data, tracks performance and utilises metrics to motivate the member.
The data has become more accurate and refined, helping us train effectively within training zones. Instructors can use this data to become coaches, analysing performance and technique, in the form of the unique Wattbike Pedalling Effectiveness Score to assist individuals even within a class setting.”
This shift has coincided with the popularity of ‘training like an athlete’. The increased interest in training with power and cadence, and the rise of social media and the access and insight it has given into the lives and training of athletes and sport stars.
“Within a studio, the main pillar is the environment and consumers now expect an experience from their fitness.” Stanton continues. “The studio design, and zoning of the Wattbikes, has also proven itself a key element in the overall experience. Branding an area to make it stand out as a Wattbike zone can motivate members, but also direct them around your gym space, creating a flow to their individual fitness journey.”
Wattbike have forced the industry to embrace new training methods and technologies for indoor cycling. There has been a shift to sport-specific training, fitness goals and accurately testing, tracking and measuring performance. This has enticed a whole new consumer into the gym and now there is a Wattbike product for every user and goal.
Steve Marshall, Wattbike Sales Manager explains: “It’s exciting to be making the first installs of the anticipated Wattbike Icon across the UK. Our new products, both the Wattbike Icon and the Wattbike AtomX, offer the market the complete indoor cycling solution.
We have indoor bikes that cover both home and commercial fitness sectors, and user groups from general health and fitness to elite sport. With this we offer our customers a virtuous cycle from their home, health club, hotel or work, providing a product offering suited to a particular function and area of the gym floor; a portfolio of bikes suited for every Wattbiker.
The Wattbike Icon is also now also available to use at Pure Gym Fulham, Hillsborough Leisure Centre and select Jetts Fitness UK sites with more venues receiving their installs in the coming weeks.
To find out more about Wattbike, and which product solution would be the best fit for you, visit www.wattbike.com

Go backPosted on 3rd February 2020