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Lady Isabella turns passion into career

ISABELLA Hervey has been interested in sport and fitness since childhood and now hopes that some of her enthusiasm will rub off on others as she encourages them to get fit.
She has only been qualified as a personal trainer for a few months but already has a wide range of clients wanting to benefit from her expertise.
Isabella said: “Fitness and sport has always been my biggest passion and I love exercise so becoming a personal trainer was a natural progression for me.
“I have always been interested in health and fitness from a young age. I used to showjump professionally and run for my county and I also participated in The Games.
“I think it is very important to exercise and be active not only to keep physically fit but also for mental wellbeing.
“There is a feel good thing about exercise and working out helps to keep me mentally sane.
“Also, I think, for women in particular, as well as being good for your health, exercise can give more confidence and self-esteem.
“Children should also be encouraged to be more active in schools. Not only for their health but also because team sports are useful for allowing children to interact with each other – I am lucky that my school was sporty.”
Isabella also said that the business, Isabella Hervey Personal Training, has attracted clients of all ages to improve their fitness.
She added: “I am currently working alongside one other instructor who has a lot of experience in the industry as although I am qualified I still have a lot to learn.
“The qualification process took three and a half months of studying from eight in the morning until six at night every day so it was very intensive.
“We have both male and female clients of mixed ages so my days are very varied. Some of them are guys who work in the City so recently I have been having a lot of early starts.
“The business is still in the early stages but I would
eventually like to expand and maybe one day open my own gym.
“I am also hoping to get my own range of products including a clothing line.”

Go backPosted on 2nd July 2007