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Industry 'too easy' on instructors claim

THE UK fitness industry has made it too easy for instructors to get qualified and only teaches them how to pass an exam, an expert has claimed.
Duncan Green, managing director of Momentum Business Development, said the industry has not put enough focus on the customer and has made getting qualified too easy.
He said: “One of the problems is that instructors are taught how to pass their exams and learn the basics but they are not taught customer service and how to engage with members.
“Too many kids walk out of school and see fitness as an easy option. Working in a gym means that they are not challenged, members rarely engage them and they quickly become bored and disillusioned. If the industry as a whole was to insist that the bar was raised again for the first level of qualifications we would be in much better shape and have instructors that would provide a real service for members.”

Go backPosted on 16th February 2007