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It's a HIT!

WE live in an ever changing, evolving world where consumers continue to want more for less and demand the very best in equipment and outcomes.
Fit4Less owner Chris Brown said: "The gym club market is a very busy competitive space and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you have to be prepared to invest in the latest technology and give your staff and clients the latest tools to deliver outstanding results."
As a result of our increasingly hectic lives and the subsequent time pressures, it is difficult to find the necessary time to exercise. When we do find the time, we certainly want to maximise the benefits, increase fitness levels, muscle tone and maximise the calories burned. There is a growing trend towards high intensity interval training and a firm focus now on the quality of the training session as opposed to the quantity. Short sharp intervention.
Chris and his team spent a considerable time researching and testing the latest equipment and trends in HIT and said: "I personally tested the HIT Machine and was amazed at the levels of intensity that could be safely achieved. The amount of calories burned during and after each session is very impressive, but maybe the most remarkable outcome was the reduction in post exercise pain or DOMS – it really has to be tried to be believed.
"After the installation of the HIT Machines, we are delighted to be in a position to offer our clients something very new in high intensity training."
Remarkable as it seems, by using this technology, you really can train harder, recover faster and make highly desirable changes to your body's shape.

Go backPosted on 16th September 2014