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Sisters get in on the fitness act ...

A NEW piece of fitness equipment has been launched by two sisters from Hampshire which claims to tone the stomach and give bottoms a workout at the same time.
The Booty Buster works the core muscles around the stomach while targeting cellulite in the bottom and thighs. It is shaped like a wok and has an unstable base which forces the user to work their stomach muscles to maintain balance.
One of the designers, fitness instructor Jenny Thorpe, said: “The benefits of core stability training are well known but almost every woman I know is bothered by cellulite and so we came up with the idea of incorporating something which would work on that too.
"The booty buster works the upper and lower abdominal muscles and the obliques and stimulates blood flow to the bottom and thighs keeping the connective tissue elasticated which helps stop fat deposits."
The design prototypes have been tested by sports scientists at the University of Portsmouth and early results are promising.
Dr Joanna Scurr, from the University's Department of Sport and Exercise Science said: "The premise behind a core workout device is that its very instability means that the muscles work harder to maintain balance. The booty buster showed significantly more muscle activity than other devices on the market for exercising core stability."  In order to monitor muscle activity a process called electromyography (EMG) was used which records electrical impulses that are produced every time a muscle is used.  Small electrodes were attached to the skin which picked up the electrical activity of the muscle underneath which were then monitored by a computer.  
Jenny and Debbie are now looking for more backing to take the product to market.

Go backPosted on 1st July 2008