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Bosses should do more on employee fitness

UK bosses are to blame for Brits not fighting the flab, a survey conducted by LA Fitness has revealed.
Research suggests that nearly half of all Brits, 43 per cent, blame the demands of the workplace for stopping them going to the gym.
Chief Executive of the Fitness Industry Association (FIA), Andree Deane said that research has confirmed that work commitments do interfere with a large percentage of employees' exercise habits in the UK. 
She told Workout: "The implications of this for employers are extreme but it's the employees who risk an even worse fate."
For employers, an inactive workforce can have a profound impact on their bottom line through lost productivity, increased absenteeism and reduced motivation levels but more importantly, the health of employees is being put in jeopardy.

Go backPosted on 21st February 2007