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Activity rewards for CFM staff

STAFF at CFM have been practicing what they preach, taking part in a monthly MYZONE fitness challenge which pits them against colleagues across the globe.
All staff have been issued with MZ3 belts that monitor their heart rate whilst training and their first goal is to achieve 1300 MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) in a month, equating to the World Health Organisation’s guidelines on physical activity, which are 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity per week.
MEPs are awarded for every minute spent exercising in their personal intensity zones – the more effort, the more MEPs – and if staff achieve this they earn four hours paid time off work to use the following month.
The four hours can be used for longer lunch breaks, leaving early on a Friday or whenever it suits them.
Staff can also participate in an optional challenge between CFM offices in Nottingham, Chicago and Melbourne, which is held as a country V country V country format and based on the average MEPs per person, creating a link between the three offices in three different countries.
Staff member Gareth Wallen said: “I’ve always loved exercising but this just gives me that added incentive.
“I appreciate the freedom of an extra four hours off if I need them but even better than that is being able to beat our colleagues in Australia and America.”

Go backPosted on 5th August 2015