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New women's campaign launched by England Rugby

ENGLAND Rugby has launched its new women and girls’ programme Pitch up and Play, designed to get 10,000 more women into the sport by 2017.
The free sessions are open to women of all abilities and participants are encouraged to play to their strengths; whether they’re fast, agile, tall or strong.
The key focus is encouraging women into the sport with inclusive, enjoyable and informative sessions, whether they’re brand new to rugby, a supporter or a returning player. With an introduction to tackling, Pitch up and Play also includes skills, fitness and match play whilst building confidence and providing a playing field for women and girls to discover what makes them strong.
Players will also be able to select a ‘motivation band’ on arrival which helps them to shape the tone of the session themselves depending on whether they are just looking fun, want to compete or focus on fitness. This ensures that each person attending gets exactly what they want from the session, making it more likely they will come back.
England Rugby growth development manager Alex Teasdale said: “We’ve seen a fantastic growth in the sport over the past few years, and the women’s World Cup win last year certainly gave us a massive boost and well deserved profile for the game.
“Our aim with Pitch up and Play is to make Rugby accessible and attractive to women of all abilities, whilst also positioning the sport as an opportunity for women to be proud of, and portray their inner toughness, strength and athleticism.”

Go backPosted on 27th October 2015